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Emagination STEM Camps provides kids and teens a place to go to every summer to be the best version of themselves. We provide a unique combination of Tech-Learning and Summer Camp Fun. Join our community with those who share the similar passions and interests in an inclusive and fun filled environment. Since 1982, Emagination STEM Camps has offered Day and Overnight programs where our campers explore STEM Courses including coding, game design, robotics & engineering, digital arts, animation, and so much more!


Name For Type Age/Grade Transportation* Cost
Co-Ed Day Coed Day no $1,885 - $1,885
Co-Ed Overnight Coed Overnight $3,415 - $3,415
  • Co-Ed Day
  • For: Coed
  • Type: Day
  • Age/Grade:
  • Transportation: no
  • Cost: $1,885 - $1,885
  • Co-Ed Overnight
  • For: Coed
  • Type: Overnight
  • Age/Grade:
  • Transportation:
  • Cost: $3,415 - $3,415

* Call the camp for additional details